Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Believe Walking in Walk On Earth.

The talk of beyond.
Things lost, found, here, not.
A sense of gold in the world.
Walk on Earth a Stranger (The Gold Seer, #1)
Gold is in my blood, in my breath, even in the flecks in my eyes.
She has a family, a home, a best friend that wants to be something more. 
And, she has a secret.
She knows where gold exists in the world. 
What would someone do to control a girl
who knows that kind of power?
What would you do?
Walk on Earth a Stranger. 

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

My Name Is.

I've been searching out YA
that moves in the realm of emotional territory.
The stories and characters
that sit with us, tug at our hearts,
make us feel more than just the black and white of the world.
Everyone needs help at one time or another.
Sometimes that help can only come from us.
Sometimes that's not enough and we need more.
My Name Is Thank-You
Words do that.
Hearts certainly.
My Name Is Thank You,
creates a world filled with love, gratitude, bravery, self discovery and forgiveness.
Words engraved into hearts.
What's engraved on yours? 

Saturday, September 26, 2015

The Girl Who Chased the Moon.

Did you ever land on the moon?
Did you ever chase it?
I did. 
But only once. 
I loved this book.
A perfect magical realism blend.
This book is about love.
The inexplicable tug that goes beyond 
rationale understanding.
It was beautiful.
Truly, beautiful.
Unexplained lights skip through the yard.
Wallpaper changes dependent on mood.
The aroma of Julia's baking drifts through the town of
Mullby enticing a man she loved with all her heart
to remember his.
She calls him back through the magic
she pours into hummingbird cake tins and her own powerful belief.
Ghosts, love and magic.
Do you

Friday, September 18, 2015

Challenge Faith CHALLENGER DEEP.

Faith in the world.
Faith in yourself.
Faith in Challenger Deep,
 the guaranteed lump in your throat.
Shusterman Astounds.
Read the first chapter and see if you can put it down.
 Go on, I dare you.
Spectacular. Simply, spectacular.
This so deserves to be on the National Book Award List,
and so it is.
Challenger Deep
"We are, however, creatures of containment. 
We want all things in life packed into boxes that we can label. 
But just because we have the ability to label it, doesn't mean we really know what's in the box. 
It's kind of like religion. 
It gives us comfort to believe we have defined something that is, by its very nature, indefinable. 
As to whether or not we've gotten it right, 
well, it's all a matter of faith."
This tops my
"too read" list. 
I'm certain it will top yours.
“And when the abyss looks into you - and it will - may you look back unflinching.” 

Friday, September 11, 2015

Greg Fleet & The Answer Asked.

Greg Fleet at the Wheeler.
Hey, girl with mic. Over here.
I had a question.
I had a few.
Honest and open Greg,
 by his own admission, would make a poor candidate for blackmail.
"People should keep a few secrets. I think that's right. Maybe. 
I just haven't been able to do it."
We'll assume he's still got a few, as most of us do,  
but there was something entirely refreshing  
listening to someone speak without
fear of what they were saying or how they were saying it,
it was simply said, honest and true.
Comedic background, putting it all up on stage, it's gotta help,
but you're either going to run with genuine, or not.
He did. 
You could easily see he cared about 
the impact he's had on people around him.
Family. Friends. Lovers.
You could feel in him the thoughtful contemplations on moments lost,
stories gone, and the delving through what he's had to re-live 
to put these pages together.
He wasn't brushing it aside.
He was going in deep and feeling it. 
It mattered, and matters, the people, places, things,
the impact he had,
 as does the
journey to where he now is. 
I was sitting half way and I was getting slammed by
remorse and regret. 
And so, my question.
The hooks that held you,
do they still lurk?
Is it a battle, but not a war won?
Whatever is, and whatever comes,
whatever layers lay on top of what's done,
there will be more stories.
That's a given.
The other questions?
The answers wait.
In time.

Thanks to the Wheeler Centre again for putting on another good night,
with a guy that I'm sure everyone wanted to share a coffee or two with just to hear more.
Open pages.
Take a look.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Say it. Play it. Repeats.

How do you want to say it?
How do you want to play it?
"Said is always going to be 'said,'
but there can be so much more,"
she cried, thundered, chimed and roared
Check out a great link,
a must share from the Muse to get you out of "repeats."
Sure, there are some things you're
safe to repeat, 
but be careful how you do it, and be careful
not to overdo it.
It's a balancing act, but you'll know when you've got it right.

Thirteen Reasons, why?

We do not always do
the "right" things, in the "right" way.
How can we?
We are not machines.
We have hearts that pump more than just blood.
to be cruel, with the intention of being cruel,
is an inexcusable quality in any human being.
One can excuse,
behaviours that come out of difficult situations,
but intentional cruelty,
Thirteen Reasons Why
From what I've read, this seems to be a 
love it or hate it story
without a lot of the greys one would expect.
For me, the greys at both end of the spectrum,
will be where you find sense and
It's like looking in-between and plucking out the answers.
So, the answers in this?
No doubt an interesting approach to a very tricky subject,
but it's the "getting back" or "getting even"
idea behind what is a horrible tragedy
that leaves one in the white or black.
The rest of us, we're left to delve through the greys
in 13 recorded tapes
to understand

Monday, September 7, 2015

HooDoo, Voodoo, I do.

This one nails it.
Middle Grade triumphant success.
Love it.
You might be able to see Smith's advertising background in this cover,
not that I'm saying for sure there was intention or not, but still
the moon and its placement draws your
eye in the same way a Newbury prize medallion does. 
Clever much?
Mood much?
 I'm liking very, very much.
HOODOO is about magic,
and I've already established the cover
wants me to read it.
Seal the deal,
and open to that first page.
First paragraph.
First line.
Got it right and
I'm walking out the store with that
book under my arm
already feeling that lovely new book tingle, 
like a first kiss.
Get into it.

When there is help.

"We never asked for Wings,"
Black And White Animals animated GIF
there is a scene where Rick wants to meddle in Letty's life,
in a good way.
He wants to help her.
Whether out of friendship, love, respect,
he just wants to help.
They have an unseen bond.
He sees how hard she works.
He sees the world she wants,
and if there's anything in his power to help that along,
he will.
I wonder if we help each other
out in the "real" world.
Do we,
 if we can?
Ah, so,
where there are wings.
Loop Bird animated GIF

Saturday, September 5, 2015

History of the Rain.

This is
What attracted me?
A similarity in thought.
The stories we live.
The stories we walk.
The story of you and me.
Our stories.
Add in an attic with stacks of books and the rain that falls against the roof,
 and I want to know what is written.
I want to understand the ...
History of the Rain
Long-listed for the Man Booker prize,
it was interesting to read the mix of reviews, but
as I always say,
find your own answers. 
Listen to your own voice.
Determine for yourself,
the history you make. 

Friday, September 4, 2015

September's Big Bang!

the first week of September.
That's a big week. A big month.
Here are a few of my picks.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

We never asked.

What did you ask for?
What did you get?
"We Never Asked for Wings" 
is about family; it's about the decisions we take, the mistakes we make, 
the people we trust and, 
above all, how - and where - we find love.
Love. Hard Choices. 
Hope against all odds.
The natural world blends with the vulnerable,
and together the answers are found.
We Never Asked for Wings
"Migrating birds reorient themselves at sunset. The exact reason is unknown, 
but at twight,
just when the sun drops beyond the horizon line, birds flying in the wrong direction
correct their paths all at once". 
And, so ...