Monday, October 19, 2015

To revise.

around the backward forward of behind.
Yes, t'is true, there is desolate ineptitude in the untried.
So, try. Again.
The worst that happens is, well nothing.
There will be no massive explosion.
No rockets in the sky, but
there will be something, perhaps even magical.
Your words will fly.  
Louis Tomlinson Louis Tomlinson Blurb animated GIF
Now there's a trick in this, and I don't want you to be alarmed.
You must be ruthless. You must show no fear.
See that little button top right?
 It's staring you down, looking innocent enough.
Don't be fooled, it knows the power it holds.
Go on touch it. Press it. Hit it.
Paragraphs, pages, chapters, more pages, chapters, pages,
  "Boom, be gone."
Let me appease you by saying nothing is lost.
You can save all those button attacks. Keep them in a separate file, but
delete fear.
You can't let clogging up movement win, even if
 for some strange mystifying reason,
it is impossible to see the way without time.
I do not know why.
Idk I Dont Know animated GIF
I mean, if you know it's right now then why couldn't it be right
Why now?
It needs time. Thought. It needs a great big stewing pot.
It needs the
 fairies and creatures that come in the small hours of the night
to wave wands and dance upon our heads
 until we finally see what has always been there.
"So obvious. So clear."
So, now what?
That's where the real magic comes in.
It finds the spaces left behind.
It's had that time, and suddenly the weave of words
weaves with time and folds its hands together and sighs.
In the backward forward of behind. 

Sunday, October 18, 2015

A teenage thing.

This blog,
it's an odd thing.
In the old days, you'd pull out a book nicely bound, pick up
a pen and fill the pages.
It was called a diary.
Oh, a teenager and their diary was a very
serious matter. If it were found, all hell would ensue.
The diary
was a little piece of our hearts, our thoughts,
a sprinkle of our spirits.
It was our pain, our sorrow, our celebrations, our joys.
Mostly, it was about some guy.
The Diary Of A Teenage Girl Bel Powley animated GIF
Do you think we leave our teenager self behind when 
we grow through life?
Do we?
Or, if in the wee small hours do you sometimes hear
that teenage person in there?
Do we actually feel that different?
I don't think we do, but what is different is our willingness
to be heard - in moderation of course - because we know that our
stories also touch against other stories,
and someone will sigh and be reminded that they too felt, did, experienced those things.
So this is my diary, of sorts.
Gif Loop animated GIF
It celebrates books, a lot.
The tug and depth of our stories.
It talks a lot about heart.
Belief in all things,
and conviction of that belief, no matter what 
crazy hoops people jump through to get you to believe otherwise.
Oh Lord, don't even get me going there.
Person, place, thing, musts, do's, be's
wants, needs, haves, secrets, moments,
the love and passion of who we all are.
 A part of me.
 A part of this diary.
The passion. 
Don't Peek (The Diaries of a Teenage Girl)
Of heart.

Friday, October 16, 2015

George Megalogenis & Peter Garrett

I was looking for some passion.
I was looking for the meat.
I got too many bones.
Please don't take offense, but there was a little this and a little that,
and not enough of what George started us off with,
the idea of our stories. Those that shape us, those that engage us.
I wanted those.
I wanted to climb inside, feel a little more depth and reach.
Yes, I wanted to feel. 
I wanted that part of me engaged. I always want that part of me engaged.
Certainly, it's easy to see when you're dealing with a life that has leapt
from one career to another and how vastly polar they were,
you're going to try and cover the gamut,
but you simply can't.
It's a life.
Let me touch a little piece of it.
Don't give me too much, but give me more.
I did want more.
Big Blue Sky: A Memoir
George tried to steer a few questions into the "how did you feel" arena, but
they were re-steered, but you see
we want a bit more glimpse into the person. 
I wanted that story, and when we're trying to fit in an entire life in forty
minutes, I'm walking out with a resume and not the person.
God, this sounds so negative.
I don't mean to make it sound that way,
but it is an assessment of night to perhaps give thought to.
We come for that little taste of magic.
That little glimpse that makes us feel the person, their ideas, their passions.
The details in a life are for the book.
It was still enjoyable. It is always enjoyable to
listen and to hear someone's truth.
It's just that I expected more
from the man whose favorite song line is,
"The balance sheet is breaking up the sky."
All those years doing what he did,
and in recent times putting up with what he did.
I wanted that.
The meat. Leave the bones.
In words.
In thought.
In a night.
Australia's Second Chance

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Secret Agent Hit Up!

The list is done!
There are some good names on it.
Quite a few unexpected.
Regardless, the list is officially up!
Go and take a peek.
Who is your unexpected?
Who is your wish?
Good luck to
those taking a punt.
Wild Bunch Old animated GIF

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The game of play.

It's the game of play.
The play of games.
Dangerous territory or fearless gain?
I don't care what anyone says, Lagercrantz had a lot of guts to take on
Larsson's Millennium series.
I mean picking up where someone else left off, not letting
that deter you? Guts.
Beautifully portrayed. Beautifully written.
She is the girl with the dragon tattoo - a genius hacker.
He is the crusading journalist often at the brink of prosecution.
The secret they chase is at the center of a tangled web of spies,
cybercriminals, and governments around the world, and someone
is prepared to kill to protect ...
The Girl in the Spider's Web (Millennium, #4)

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Blood and Salt.

"When you fall in love, you will carve out your heart and
throw it into the deepest ocean.
You will be all in -- blood and salt."
To understand this,
one must be able to feel--
This is the "perfect storm of two influences merging together."
A creepy, spooky tale of secret worlds, alchemy,
and a conduit.
It is a witches love story that binds in blood and reaches through time
to be done.
The Larkin women fall too hard, too fast, too fierce.
It is their undoing.
To understand such a tale,
one must believe in two things ...
Love and magic. 
And perhaps too,
the unexplained. 

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Lost Lake.

It begins with a jump,
and a year's long sleep.
"Wake up."
There is magic at the lake.
Can it bring hearts back to life?
Lost at the lake,
and always found.
Sometimes you can still find answers in the most
unexpected places.
Sarah Addison Allen.
The right find.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The Land of the Wolves - Sicario.

Cartels. Drugs. Violence.
Benicio del Toro.
You get inside muck,
 it can be difficult to see where the line between sides is drawn.
Good guy's? Bad guy's? 
For me, Del Toro carried the film.
He was the meat, voice, the "I want to know
what's going on behind the eyes," guy.
I was, however, left with a few questions.
I always am.
I didn't get bringing the girl, Emily Blunt, into the shake up crack-down.
It seemed she was there to stir things up,
weaken the structure, the idea being mistakes would be made.
Get them looking at her and they're looking in the wrong direction.
Old trick.
The bad guy's did become interested. The good guy's too.
Who is she? What is she?
They needed to find out, and so come the sloths that dig out of their sloth-like places
to find what they can.
They send a man to play on her vulnerability.
Take her to bed. Get what you can.
But, if she knows what is happening, as it's happening, sloths and all, 
 how does that change the game?
Blunt was cool and understated, and even though I felt
her role could have been beefed-up a bit more,
she did what she was meant to do.
Hold everything together.
Being forever the romantic, I actually believed, hoped even,
that Del Toro and Blunt would get together.
There certainly was strong chemistry, a charged current between them,
sadly no wolf eyes.
But the 
 question of the film??
If the "good guys" knew what was happening, even helped
set things along,
what does that make them?
The answer to that one is simple.
Highly accountable.
You never know when one push is one
push too far. 
The land of the wolves.

Monday, October 5, 2015

"Get Up" Bryan Adams & Keith Scott Off That Wall.

The fly on the wall that comes off the wall.
Bryan Adams, 
the boyish, mischievous cute "grab hold,"
and his black-on-black crew 
were staying at my place  -- I say that loosely. 
They put on a good gig at the MCG, playing the "lap it up" favorites,
and Lord it did my heart good to see them do well.
Still, it was a whirlwind, and it made me remember my
own whirlwinds working in the film industry.
If you haven't experienced it, t'is another and sometimes surreal world,
but let's just call it a "bubble."
Bryan, and the sea of black, were well
ensconced in theirs.
Hang on, hang on. Let me explain.
I know that sounds a little negative, but it is not at
all what I mean.
I'm talking about boundaries here.
The ones we place and are placed on our environments, lives.
It's the bubble that can be a connect and disconnect at the same time, in that you
are there and present, and yet separate.
It's easy to understand
the practicalities and "why's."
It's still a short-change just the same.  
The cities, people, places, life,
come and go too fast, and if you're flying through it, broaden scope.  
That's where your art comes from.
You get inside that bubble, baby, in that you're coating yourself in
the same color paint- people, place, thing,- then you're walking dangerous
territory as an artist.
art animated GIF
It was a small restaurant later that night,
and Lord knows there are times I can get awfully shy.
Someone out there is laughing at that, but believe it or not,
it happens ... yes, yes, even to me! I get a little tongue-tied.
Bryan made me a little shy.
Keith Scott did not. 
I had no idea who he was, so that might have helped,
but he talked the right kind of talk being Canadian born and bred, 
and I had a bit of chat with him.
Keith said they'd been together since '84. They made a good team. 
I said family.
He stressed team.
O-kay. Got that.
They made a good team, and outside the team ---
 dig deep into life.
Step outside boundaries, predictabilities,
formulas, and most especially,
"The Scene."
Don't get stuck up on 
the wall.
Bryan Adam's newly released, "GET UP."
Check it out.
And to Bryan and Keith, crew and all,
you be stomping in my yard again, and I hope you do,
I'll be raiding those suitcases and stealing
the Haka All Blacks ... just for a bit of fun.
Check out Bryan's photography.
It's worth a look.
Perhaps, a de-cluttered Helmut Newton?
Make up your own mind.

Saturday, October 3, 2015


That "little" matter,
that is left undone?
The way I see it.
Don't leave anything "undone."
It's the mistake that waits.
 The problem that gets --
This is some tough stuff.
It's the one push that went too far.
Bullying, secrets, and always hoping for better, for more,
until the unspeakable happens.
It's a scary thing to think there's something
a person feels they can't say.
In relationships, friendships,
if you can't do that, 
you've got nothing.
Always be prepared to listen.
Hear people's stories and when you do, hold them dear.
They gave you a piece of them.
With heart.
Tangle free.
A heart-breaker.
Love. Fear. Trust.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Control a Six of Crows.

How controlled do we 
ever want to be?
A little more than has been?
Open up to this new release.
Six of Crows (Six of Crows, #1)
Six of Crows is out and we
welcome the Grisha return.
A bustling hub of international trade
where anything can be had for the right price -
and no one knows that better than criminal prodigy Kaz Brekker.
Kaz is offered a chance at a deadly heist that
could make him rich beyond his
wildest dreams.
But he can't pull it off alone.
Six dangerous outcasts.
One impossible heist.
Bardugo seals the deal, although it's interesting to hear comments
on the first half being a slow move.
Ah, the world of YA loves its fast pace.
Apparently, the second half is where it picks up,
like most second acts.
A part of the Grisha Trilogy.
Welcome back.