Friday, January 29, 2016


The film.
I saw it.
I cried in it.
I couldn't stop crying.
What was beautiful about it?
A person's fight to hold and keep the beautiful
in their world.
Image result for Room the novel
Of course, in this movie, which was taken from Emma Donoghue's book,
we're talking about the utmost extreme,
but that essence of belief was there
within that extreme.
She wanted to give the gift of beauty,
belief and love
of both the world and life itself,
and she did.
The story had such determined strength to it,
I was so very touched.
There were a few things
that touched too close to home,
and it really impacted me on a very deep level.
There's so much I understand now
that I didn't, and 
I wonder
is it enough to understand the in's and out's of things
when the answer keeps coming up as, 
"No... Not enough."
Go see
Let yourself cry.
Let yourself see
 your view is entirely up to you.
for the lighter side ...
this looks crazy funny.
Leslie Mann is my all-time
favorite Comedian.
Her top line in this ...
"All I need is ten minutes and a really
long nap."
How to be single ... a guaranteed good laugh. 
Can't wait.