Sunday, February 28, 2016

The Puzzler.

I am a puzzler.
I must puzzle out all things.
By doing so, one goes down every little possibility.
It is both a gift and a curse,
for you can not discount the bad in the good,
nor the good in the bad.
Unfortunately, each contains its own story
and that story can shift your
landscape considerably.
The intention shifts with it.
Light or dark.
Dark or light.
I can see it both ways.
I can also see the way each presents its
own scenario.
One can show shame,
the other great character.
Ah, the great characters.
Mary Katherine Blackwood. Read her. Know her. A Shirley Jackson classic.
 Behemoth, a hog-sized demonic cat and the Devil's favorite jester.
Hum, one of the sneakiest characters who still manages to 
trick you into caring
Atticus Finch. Need I say any more. The man of strength,
conviction, a climb into his arms man.
Elizabeth Bennett, her father's favorite child, smart, irreverent, 
independent-minded, a woman we should carry through time with us,
 and Don Quixote de la Mancha,
the most rational madman around. 
I do love a good madman.
And so the characters,
of our books, of our life.
The light we will always see and find in them.
Being a puzzler, I always find it.
I always know.
It's my super power.
Positive is positive.
Light is light.
Heart is heart.
Protect that.
Our precious characters.
Our precious hearts.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Type Cast it & Craig Ferguson.

Chatting with an older couple this morning,
the woman hit on her own typecast outrage.
She was sick and tired of being wrapped up
by the "elderly" ribbon,
seen as someone past her due date, old and doddery.
She was nothing of the sort.
Yeah, she had some years on her,
so from that regard she was indeed elderly, but
she had spunk, intelligence, humor and a very quick wit,
and damn if she didn't want people seeing that first, and not her age.
I liked her very much.
The woman had spunk!
old grandma nana mood
It was interesting, considering I have been thinking a lot
about the typecasts and stereotypes we either use in media,
or in life itself. How we are so
quick to put someone in a box, stamp a label on top and
there it is done and dusted.
She did not like her label.
She was an outside the box generational roar,
and I couldn't help think we need more like her.
We need voices out there.
We need strength.
We need people to say what they feel, and feel what they think.
We need that passion,
and age should not ever come into the equation.
I hope she continues to talk a little louder, clear the way for others to follow.

Now creative types,
they too have their own typecasts.
An artist of whatever medium tends to create a pre-conceived
visual in ones mind,
but don't be fooled, the artist can butt up against that,
restrain constrain their outward artistic ways.
Take Craig Ferguson.
Image result for Craig ferguson
Love the accent.
Pretty damn cute, let me just say, but he kept himself wrapped up to a
certain degree for the sake of his career.
The cracks do eventually appear.
You see you can never really hide who you truly are.
Eventually, the essence of us does show,
and with Craig we began to see a shift in him like what he was
"containing" was slowly breaking free, or what he
was "portraying" became difficult to maintain.
I love Craig, please don't read this wrong, but I think he needed to let go.
I think when you try and control who you are,
eventually there's a little snap, and there it is, "let go".
I don't know.
We all run to expectations,
and then there comes a time
to run to your own expectations,
and then
there you are.
Your own cast. 

Friday, February 26, 2016

There is nothing more.

Today was a day that marked
or made final all that has passed.
There is nothing more
 then to wish
everyone well,
to hope and pray through
what is odd, strange and confronting
 that love, peace, and 
happiness comes way.
This is my hope.
This is my wish.
To pass that to hands
 open to take.
black and white sad flowers hand lonely

Bad guys.

Okay, so ...
when I was broadcast producing, a big part of
that was casting. 
movie vintage infinite looping home movies
Voices, faces, hands, on and off camera talent,
so you know I get how we all fall trap to
the predictable type-casting that takes place out there.
I mean you only have to look at one trend
in movies before you're seeing another 
with almost the exact storyline.
Hell, they even get actors that look somewhat alike.
It's something that has always surprised me
in an industry whose entire essence
is based on well, creativity.
Being different. Coming up with something different.
So let's get to bad guys.
nikolaradulovik  fight violence robocop gang
I have come to realize that bad guys
really do look like bad guys and depending on what kind of bad guy,
 they usually have
this little bad guy "thing" going on.
I reckon it's a case of one too many movies.
You know like thinking they're supposed to stand in a certain way
on corners, whisper in an ears, slide over heads
and faces and think no one sees them.
Invisibility cloak.
Oh no, sorry, that was another movie,
but you see I figure that's what happens,
it's just one movie too many.
Squeeze the fruit, 
meet someone's eye, send a message in a look.
Oh damn,
I want to write a movie.
I want un-predictable.
I want characters that have something to say,
I mean that really, really say something, 
and when they do it'll be something fascinating,
and spell binding, and you'll hang on every word.
Bad guys don't usually talk all that much.
They kind of nod and scan, sit and watch,
sometimes you might get a hairy grunt, or they'll
say one little line.
It's always a question. 
Apparently that's scarier.
Bad guy stuff 101.
No really, it's a class they all take so they know their stuff
and then it's passed on student to student,
get them when they're young.
Point missed.
It also gives them away.
Seems to me we need some "real" stories, with "real"
people that are you know "real."
A return of something past.
The grit and guts,
love and stuff,
stories of people that make you drop into something and feel.
Bad guys don't.
My advice.
Get them to another school.
The movie of the new age.
Call it innovation. 
movies film vintage time retro

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Dear Harper.

Dear Harper,
I know you can hear us, down here.
I know for certain you've had a lifetime of appreciation
from all of us still here, and to those you've gone to join.
Yes, they know too.
You see, dear Harper,
you did something that's everlasting.
You left something behind for us and it will always be here,
that little piece of you.
We all like to think we can leave a mark,
big or small, a gesture or not,
something, just something that will be remembered ... in a good way.
Sometimes those things can prompt other things,
a domino affect, just by the fact that what you gave
was honest and true and from the pureness of heart.
Your heart spoke to so many of us. 
I'm not going to say rest in peace, cause for some reason
that's not how I see you.
You had too much of a spark for rest, that was evident right 
 until the end, so I will simply say,
"Can't wait to hear what you've next got to say."
I'll just wait here a little longer, if I can, give you time to stamp the way.
Some words stay forever,
dear Harper.
Some hearts too.
Yours stayed.
Thank you for leaving that
to us.
Thank you for you.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The Girl From Everywhere

Sometimes, I feel like that girl,
with those dangling roots that never dig themselves in.
This is a story about home,
belonging, but belonging of a different kind.
It's that tug on your heart, a time travel story that goes back
to find its heart in what's lost and gone.
It's a story about obsessive longing.
A story about love.
The Girl from Everywhere (The Girl from Everywhere, #1)
She is a myth.
She is history.
She is gone. 

Positive Negative Space.

In the study of drawing, 
there's an approach that refers to "positive negative" space,
whereby you focus on the surrounding space and
allow the object to reveal itself.
It's just another slant.
Another way of "training" the eye to better
consider the "complete" composition.
If you see a vase in the above, you are viewing positive space.
Black faces, negative.
Take that out into life.
How do you want to see it?
Look at things negatively, or
train your eye in another direction?
In writing, we must have both, and concentrate on both.
We must create tension and relief, black and white together,
the up and down of words.
It is a journey after all.
Black. White.
Negative. Positive.
Light. Shade.
Both must work in tandem to reveal the picture,
or you're just staring at a blank canvas.
Don't blank out. 
Block it out.
Remember the grey's.
Writing + Life.
Write Escape.

Monday, February 1, 2016


To be such, one must have plot and plan, an agenda.
And what if you don't?
Can you still be that "Mastermind?"
Some days are harder than others.
No doubt we've all been there.
You wake up, your mind is mush and perhaps there's
a sharp stab in your heart.
It's tough,
pushing through,
clearing enough,
knowing, realizing.
You might have enough
back-to-back support 
to get you through,
to help create what you will,
but in the end it all comes down to only you.
Mastermind stuff.
Your stuff.
No one can do it for you.
No one can choose the right
No one can really know.
It all comes down to you.
The Mastermind.
Blood, Ink & Fire
Words gone. Images remain.
Unwind Replant.
What's Broken Between Us
Love. Loss. Learning to Forgive.
See How They Run (Embassy Row, #2)
A past that comes back to hunt her.