Thursday, March 31, 2016

Writing "that" letter. LETTERS IN WHITE.

I have to write a letter.
I've been writing it in my head for weeks now.
It's such a lot to put in words
and it's not going to be easy.
It has to be gut-wrenching honest,
and we all know how I feel about that.
Being one who says what she means,
it should be easy, but it's not.
This letter has to go beyond honesty.
It has to go beyond any words
could possibly communicate,
beyond the essence of love and gratitude.
It has to be given
It has to be said.
Letters Written in White photo 9D91E7EA-70FE-4C01-AFE0-77133B7595C2_zpsysr9v9hb.jpg
"I know my truth. My truth is everyone else's lies.
My lies are their comfort. 
Telling the truth makes people uncomfortable."
This is one I haven't got to yet.
The reviews are consistent.
A life changer. A life reality check.
It breaks hearts in
 intense love and sadness.
This gets in deep.
Heartbreakingly beautiful, and one I'll have to read.
Words. Time. Opportunity.
These are things we can never get back.
Not even in death. 

The Beautiful & Susan Dennard.

L Halse Anderson tweeted this
and I hope Shea Glover doesn't mind me furthering it along. 
This is about "beautiful."
Shea decided she would take pictures of what she found beautiful
for a high school project.
Each picture was a person.
Their reactions were spectacularly
fascinating to watch. 
For most it was like watching a light switch on.
Beautiful to see.
Other's had a flash of quiet pain in their eyes,
so revealing it stuck a knife in my heart.
They didn't believe it.
From anger to joy to pain,
the act in itself was meant with love,
with kindness, yes, kindness,
to see and find the beauty in our world.
This should spark our own acts,
our thoughts,
our kindnesses.
What can you do to make a difference to someone?
Think about it.
Do it!
And furthermore, this to Susan Dennard
who posted about having sad news and the sky that opened up
whilst trying to outrun that news.
I love that we can share,
that we can somehow open our hearts to each other
in times of sadness or strife,
when perhaps our hearts
just need something to once again
believe in.
And so, we send our words out into the world,
we send our hearts out
and see the love,
care, understanding ...
the kindness that 
comes back.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Capture me, Capture the castle.

has been sitting next to me
for the last few weeks,
and before that months.
I'm not sure why I have gone off on
tangents here and there leaving this alone as I have.
It certainly calls to me.
It wants me to do more than I am,
and so I have promised I will
properly begin.
I Capture the Castle
Set in 1934,
it is said to be an Austenesque coming of age tale.
Now anyone who knows me will
understand my partiality to anything Austen. 
Pride and PrejudiceSense and SensibilityMansfield Park
And yet, I have also heard say that it has a certain dreariness to it
that makes people initially reluctant. 
Perhaps it was that that had me shutting the book too
soon, but I put it down more to the actual time period. 
The late thirties is neither close to Austen in that romanticized era,
 and with the great depression as its backdrop,
it's never been a grab hold for me.
The Depression just never did it for me.
I believe there lies my own reluctance, but
  I have been promised
by many that it is one of those wondrous tales described as
delicious, charming, and eccentric,
a charismatic story that works itself in and stays.
That is reason enough 
to make sure I persist in this 
that patiently waits.
And if you are looking for an example of
depth of character, look no further.
Timeless rapture. 

Learn it Lesson. The Darkest Minds.

The Darkest Minds.
They just won't learn,
they don't do what they're meant to ...
Maybe, the problem isn't them,
maybe, the problem is you.
The Darkest Minds (The Darkest Minds, #1)
Controlling the uncontrollable. 
What happens when a parent locks their child in a garage and
calls the police?
What did they see?
What happens afterwards?
A dangerous disease rocks the children of the world.
What comes out from it are abilities far beyond frightening,
and far beyond control.
Ruby is one of the most dangerous.
When the truth comes out, she barely escapes.
She joins a group, like her and not,
and falls for their fearless leader, but she can't risk getting too close to him.
Not after what happened.
There are other forces at work, those that will stop at nothing.
They would like to use Ruby to their advantage.
Ruby faces a choice.
Will she give up the only life 
worth living?
Will she fight?
This is one of mixed reviews.
So, as always,
I leave it to you to make up your minds,
as all and everyone inevitably should.
Image result for ya dystopian novels
Image result for ya dystopian novels

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The Unpredictable. Take a bite. Take Two.

The mix of us,
the mix of you.
We are all a mix.
To think otherwise would be naive.
Good is not good,
without the bad in between.
Bad is not bad,
without that taste of good.
Strong distaste, disgust, is in us as much as love,
all the emotions and reactions are a crazy fun field
exploration with no day the same.
This is who we are.
All of us.
All of you.
When You Reach MeMerrowSea Hearts
Anger, selfish, sadness, selfless, honorable, honest,
manipulate, calculate, dare, desire, give.
If you think that you are above the spectrum
of that truth you would 
probably be lying.
We are all and everything.
We have all and everything.
We, most of us,
don't mind having those everything's.
It's what makes us interesting,
Keep up on toes,
and peer in.
To see and seize on any day.
The unpredictable.
The expected.
The all that is us.
Fairytales for Wilde GirlsThe Chocolate War (Chocolate War, #1)Sea Hearts

Monday, March 28, 2016

In the night. I will come.

all is dark and all is quiet,
I will come. 
 I won't announce my arrival.
There will be no knock, no bell,
I will just be there
 sliding under the door,
 in through the window, in the spaces between your fingers.
You won't know that I'm there,
not right away.
You might sense "something."
You might stir.
You might mumble in your sleep,
but it's not until you open your eyes
that you will know I've been.
Your mind will be full of what I've left behind.
And, no one will know,
and no one will see,
for it's in the darkness I arrive, 
and in the darkness 
I leave.
The Nightmare Affair (The Arkwell Academy, #1)
Dusty Everhart breaks into houses.
No, she is not a criminal.
Dusty Everhart is a nightmare --
and she's got this gig, no problem, 
until Eli Booker's house.
He's just that little bit of "too much" that makes her feel "too much" 
and she's sitting on his chest 
invading his night dreams
seeing things she wished she didn't see
and then the nightmare becomes real.
A follow the clues murder
that leads in and out of dreams.
Don't leave your window open.
Don't leave your dreams.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Wink Poppy Midnight

I literally just finished the last page.
Get out there and buy this.
This is exactly why I love YA.
Open, raw, and honest,
a dip and dive into a magical world of complex
 lives in stories that mix ordinary with the unexpected,
the unexpected with the ordinary.
The storybooks of life.
Poppy with her cold heart and mean manipulating ways,
who wants and wants, but doesn't quite know what,
or how to fight for what.
Love, I suppose. Yes, love in the way she chooses to live.
Leaf the boy that looks through to that cold heart
and pokes more black holes with his blunt honesty,
until ...
Midnight who finally finds
place in the girl Wink who feels more of the world,
and the all of him deeply and greatly through the stories told.
Hers is understanding, knowing.
Theirs is the story that climbs up a ladder
to the hayloft where the world stops and
they never end.
This is jealousy and love and acceptance.
This is hate lies and cruelty, trying and fear.
This is a book of magic.
The way I always choose to see the world,
in my words,
in my stories,
in my life. 
The magic
we seek 
in each other,
and in a world that tries so cleverly
 to hide it. 
Find the magic.
Find yours.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Go on try.

Explain it?
You can try.
The story is ...
Yeah, what is that story?
Got a handle on it?
Know it? Or just thought you did?
If you've got one foot in one story and the other slipped off into another,
and you're not sure how to bring those feet together to stand
on the same page.
Burn it.
The entire thing on fire.
Let the flames lick and lick.
Then take the ashes, 
and draw raccoon eyes.
Why the hell not?
I did. 
There's a question that follows all this.
If it's the right question
you'll know how, and if, to start again.
The creative mind.
Don't even try. 

Friday, March 25, 2016

The Dictators!

Dictators in our stories.
Dictators through time.
Dictators in life.
Dictator : Cicero Trilogy - Robert Harris198453969
Too many people in your ear?
Watch out.
How do you really know they're telling
you the "right" things to hear?
Ah yes, the Dictators will know. 
Dictators tell you how you should be,
how you should live. They want to tell you
who you can or can not.
They will tell you where. They will definitely tell you how.
Dictators will draw you a circle.
They will put in and take out of that circle
as they choose, when they choose,
as they see fit. 
You can not step over those lines.
Dictators want you.
Without you, there is no one to dictate to.
Animal Farm
Run hard.
Run fast.
The can and cannot's are
a dictatorship only for you.
La MaƱosa90 Miles to HavanaThe PresidentWithout You, There Is No Us: My Time with the Sons of North Korea's EliteThe AppointmentMy Tender MatadorUnravel Me (Shatter Me, #2)

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The New YA Picks.

I Woke Up Dead at the Mall
Sarah's a side line girl.
No enemies. No risky behavior.
Just a run of the mill girl.
Except she's dead,
murdered in fact.
A funny after death murder mystery
where the afterlife
for teens is at the mall
How appropriate.
Harmony House
It was a good idea to move to Harmony House,
that's what Jen Noonan's father thought,
until it became a portal to pure horror. 
I'm thinking, move again. "Quick."
That judgement a girl should never get.
"Well, she was asking for it, wasn't she?"
Okay, and my pick of picks.
A mystery where nothing is as it seems.
No one is quite what you think.
And everything can change on a dime.
Every story needs a hero.
Every story has a villain.
Every story has a secret.
And ... check out that cover.
Amazing Talent.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

The Bigger Splash.

Image result for The big splash movie
Set in the Italian island of Pantelleria,
it's a story of tearing apart.
A rock star without voice.
A lustful producer.
A suicide surviver and cunnilingus extraordinaire. 
A girl intent on trouble who speaks fluent Italian, but allows no one to know.
It's a "who's going to crash and burn first" drama.
Director Luca Guadagnino did a superb job with this.
Guadagnino's fascination with what's underneath, the hidden aspects of people,
serves him well, and made it a easy sell for me.
There were times I found myself studying techniques during the film,
the almost flash-back direction, the moments or "splashes"
 reminiscent to European films from a by-gone era. 
It was in the music, the long sweeping camera moves over the landscape.
It set a nice mood and it took it's time to do so,
as any good lover should.
I enjoyed this film. It went in a little deeper and gave the time
needed to get it there.
Ralph Fiennes was fantastic, and I expected no less. He is fascinating to watch. 
I wanted to hang out with him for
a day just to let some of that exhuberance rub off.
It would be a fun day, no doubt.
The entire cast was fantastic, but I have to say it was Ralph Fiennes and the spectacular
Tilda Swinton, an androgynous Bowie, that brought the most remarkable chemistry 
 between these ex-lovers. 
The tug between them was undeniable and timeless.
This is a film of sensual desire, 
that which tears and binds people in lust and love,
and the rich sensuality of experiencing life.
The Bigger Splash.
Splashed In.
Image result for The bigger splash movie

Friday, March 18, 2016

Please. NO. NO. NO.

We've all had them.
Those unrealistic expectations.
Either you're placing them on yourself, 
or you're placing them on your life,
or you might place them on someone else.
It's not a sin.
It's not a crime.
It's just one of those human things.
You might even call it "the dream," like
in the American dream?
Like this is some crazy ass extreme. 
I used to complain A LOT about how limited we 
are in Australia as to who our future prospects
are as heads of this fine country.
We did the schoolmarm. We did the bumpkin.
We did smarmy.
 Lord knows, I'd take them any day over 
 this, the American dream.
I mean seriously.
People are buying into this shit, as in what started as something I thought
would peter out as a good laugh,
still actually exists.
He is actually still there, still being heard,
and if you start thinking about the concept of the bandwagon,
how people can be so easily swayed into jumping on,
that's just as scary as Trump himself.
But let's go back to unrealistic expectation,
and just how realistic they actually can end up being. 
Please let's not have Trump as 
the example.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Our Forcefields.

This from WINTERGIRL's!
"Emerson, Thoreau, Watts. Sonya Sanchez, ever read her? The Bible,
a couple of pages. The Bhagavad Gita. Dr. Suess, Santayana. 
I put them up to create a force field of good ideas.
They soak into my brain while I'm sleeping."
Okay, BAM, and slam-dunked!!
That's a six-pointer from the half way line.
I got goose-bumps.
Well, cause it's so damn true.
What we let into our force field
affects what soaks in, affects us full stop.
That's not just in words, ideas, thoughts, it's
people too.
I spent such a long time trying to understand a people
that I will never understand, because the brain cells, thought patterns,
couldn't possibly mesh.
If it were map, mine wouldn't be on the same page, not even the same planet.
But let's say you do try to understand.
Say that you sit with wonder at all around you
and by the very act of sitting, its own forcefield is pounding
against you making its own force into you.
It can change how a person thinks.
Change how they feel.
It can show them a view or outlook that
they really didn't need or want to see.
Like guys that drive by and trigger shoot you
with their hand. That really just happened.
It seriously did.
That's the kind of force field that can never
come close to yours, and if you feel your own force field taking
a little hiatus, don't worry.
It'll come back to you.
reactions mind blown
You see, the you in you, the "who you are you" will eventually
start tapping away, like a wagging finger doing a quick jab.
It keeps jabbing until you pay attention.
It reminds you that no matter if there are other force fields out in the world,
yours is the one that matters most.
Yours waits hungry to build on.
One rich of mind, spirit and heart,
one that sits on the same page, or at least in the same book.
The you in you.
Your force field.
The "right" kind of build-on!


Wow to Illuminae!!
That's all that needs saying.
Brad Pitt to turn Australian young adult thriller Illuminae into major Hollywood film
But, if you want to hear more,
here's the link.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Did you hear? All the Answers.

Did you?
Did you want to know?
Did you want to understand?
Were there questions left?
Answers unknown?
Did you want those?
Did you listen to the others when they spoke?
Did you take in what they had to say?
Was it enough to satisfy?
Is it enough?
Did you hear, enough?
Or was there someone that stood aloft
that had nothing "in it" to add,
or shift thoughts to,
or change minds for.
She was just there
with only one thing in her hands.
Did you hear it?
Do you know?
Did you?
All the Answers
Sometimes the bravest people are the ones who
live without the answers.
Sometimes it's best not to know.
Is it?
I would like to know.

Friday, March 11, 2016

The Misconstrued.

I wonder how
we construe and misconstrue.
What happened to the solid ground of clarity?
This is a discussion of communication.
This is what it is to SPEAK 
and to be heard.
For there is much to be misconstrued through the garble
of second-hand, and much to make for tragedy as a result.
We ask. We should know.
We speak. We should know.
We listen. We should be heard.
But are we?
Is listening a technique as difficult as speaking?
Are words strong enough to pave roads?
They are what heals and what gives.
They do so create.
Think of your own landscapes,
but so too in truth.
a phone call to the police was a call for help,
and misconstrued as a call to end a party.
Melinda Sordino, the main character,
was harmed. She needed to be heard, but wasn't.
The result is the harm that sits in a place of silence, 
behind a carefully construed 
disguise, a mask to keep that harm in place.
This is the story of
what it is to bury a moment and have
that moment grow.
This is a hand that reaches,
and the silent call for help. 
This is the unresolved.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Women of Love.

Women of love.
Yes those, the ones who have loved
beyond reason.
And what is that reason?
Women in Love (Brangwen Family, #2)
It is fair and reasonable to say that when
you give to someone,
in heart, or spirit, or mind,
it is with something that "means."
That's not to say it means the same for everyone.
We are all different.
Our experiences vast and varied,
our intentions and stories the same,
but to give, to trust,
is no small thing.
And so too of the women that
 have travelled with us through time.
Jo March. Melba Beals. Jane Eyre. Lady Chatterley. Lizzie Bennett.
Scout Finch. Alice. Laura Ingles. Anna Karina. Meg Murry. Tess Durbeyfield.
Catherine Earnshaw to her Heathcliff.
Scarlett to Rhett.
Gone with the WindJane EyreLittle Women (Little Women,...The Girl with the Dragon Ta...To Kill a MockingbirdWuthering HeightsThe Scarlet LetterAnna KareninaTess of the D'Urbervilles
To give in hearts breath.
Our stories. Our words.
RebeccaSense and SensibilityThe Handmaid's TaleEmma
In the forevermore
of time.