Saturday, April 30, 2016

Let me Die in his Footsteps.

Forbidden Territory.
The footsteps taken toward old stories and old love.
It can lead to places never thought to be. 
Let me die,
is a story of evil between two families in a Southern town 
twisted around the past.
Everyone knows the two families don't go near each other,
everyone knows what can happen when you look into eyes that love.
You can't undo the past, and you can't undo old stories,
but you can stop the dark appetites of men working the small town into a frenzy.
You can find the truth.
In eyes. In the past.
It sits waiting to be unravelled, the 
revelation that brings back what never should have left.
A story that travels through time to be heard.
This year's Edgar Winner!!!
Get me to the nearest bookstore.
This one has particular ties that leaves me just dying to get my hands on it.
Well done to Lori Roy.
Edgar Winner-Amazon Book Review

Thursday, April 28, 2016

The MF of Charm & Strange.

The mind fuck.
Sorry. I know it's so very rude to say,
but it is the only way to say it.
A mine field that explodes the mind,
a very dangerous playground to be playing in. 
Shrouded in mystery, what's real, what's imagined,
what happened?
The pieces come together and the story too.
Some people play it, some people build books around it.
Charm and Strange built a book
around the title that so aptly suits.
Ellen Hopkin's called it "twisted."
Most mind-fucks are.
Winn has a beast inside him.
He believes the beast to be a wolf, and
he's waiting for the "right" full moon to change completely.
The mind fuck comes in the slow story reveal,
one has to be patient to get to.
The writing takes you there, the story itself splits you open.  
Charm and Strange
Ever want to disappear?
Charm and Strange,
an unnerving psychological thriller
of a boy at war with himself,
and the wolfish predator within, and 
one fateful summer he was a part of something
so terrible, it came close to destroying him.
I for one, want to know 
what that something was.
Charm and Strange.
The strange in charm.
The Smaller Evil
Upcoming. Can't wait.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Another Little Piece.

Bit by bit.
The pieces.
When you have them, and they fit, and everything
blurs less,
the question then becomes ...
What do you do with them all?
What becomes of that last one?
In which hand is it placed?
Another Little Piece
A night that never should have happened.
Blood. Screams. Vanish.
A year later, wandering down a lonely road,
she doesn't know who she is, or how she got there,
she only knows she is not who they think she is.
Piece by piece,
fractured events, twisted secrets, come together to reveal
a cycle she will never escape,
unless, the last little piece.
In which hand?
Well, the "right" one of course,
and so ... 
Another Little Piece. 

Monday, April 25, 2016

Moths to Minutes.

"Come,"it said,
words on whispered wings.
It did not say.
"Come," it said again. "Did you not hear?"
"Well, no," and then, "Yes."
A ribbon of long breath waiting to end.
"You should know."
"I should." I agreed.
"And so?" It asked.
"I should,"
I agreed.
Like moths to the light,
they were gone.
Moth Girls
Into the river, where memory
traps in the seaweed of ink,
and only time remains.
River of Ink: Genesis
With friends close,
and enemies closer,
for 13 minutes I was dead.
The question of friends.
13 Minutes
and wrapped in choices.
The disappear in the appear.
How Not to Disappear
words that remain.

Friday, April 22, 2016

The Incomplete.

The Incomplete.
That which is never said,
never complete,
always, always left in such a way.
Destructive and destroying,
and one has to 
find always another way.
This is
The Incomplete.
The reason in why. 
13 Reasons Why

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Who are you?

We are complex
as people, as individuals,
as groups.
To think that we can
sweep answers up into our hands
as easily as plucking up a grain of sand,
would indeed be some feat.
Toss in a lot of hands
and could you at all find that grain of sand?
Love can be that one grain,
buried amongst other grains, but that's not to say
it's not there, and it's not to say it doesn't remain.
Why should it not?
Is it not a much more pleasant thought?
One must
be able to pluck out the true essence in time,
with reasonable voice given and received,
away from those other digging hands.
To remove yourself from that opportunity,
is removing yourself from
many opportunities.
 in the sand.
Dig in.
Rebel of the Sands (Rebel of the Sands, #1)
The fate of the desert is in her hands.
Destined to end up wed or dead,
she's looking for an escape route.
A mysterious foreigner becomes that route.
She never thought she'd fall in love,
especially considering the guy's a fugitive wanted for treason,
but between them both,
they unlock a powerful truth.

Jars of Gray. Sylvia Plath.

A quick "explain away" into that which
can not be understood.
We are all "crazy" to some extent,
we have all had moments of "crazy."
It is indeed a part of our human nature to accept
all and every extreme within our lives.
Crazy, can be a sweep of the hand,
an all encompassing "branding,"
to what we ourselves choose not to look at.
Sometimes, that might just mean looking at ourselves,
the world, situations,
looking at the answers in and with the clarity
that can make you indeed, in the true essence of the word,
The Bell Jar
a novel I won't need to tell anyone about if they are at all
into literature.
It is studied and revered, and tangled in today's literature,
 as Plath's stand out work.
A woman brave enough to delve in deep and share
that personal journey with the world as she travels into
the edges of mental distress and suicide attempts.
"A moving and confessional novel, darkly comic and
a painful statement of what happens to a woman's aspirations in a society
that refuses to take them seriously."
We do share our lives, our stories, or
certainly we should.
It is what and where we learn the movement of forward.
Yes, a gift to give.
We do too, at times, explode out into the world,
not with lack of care, but perhaps, distress.
What measure to give to take that away?
If you are into bleak truths, or any truths,
then it is a book that teaches that honesty and does not hold back as the author
travels through her own explorations
toward her own inner demons. 
Ah yes,
that which we all have and possess,
our inner demons,
not as easy to understand in the jars
Black and White.
Come with me into the world of grays.
The place where
understanding lives
to stay.
The Bell Jar

The "Scaries."

There are vibes and there are vibes,
and then there are people that carry
that "scary" vibe.
A sweep of energy that sparks the air.
Sweet Unrest Gathering Deep
Having an early morning coffee,
the calmness was swept away by a young
couple with a definite "edge."
You could tell they lived a hard life.
She was jittery.
He was swearing, threatening,
and it was a horrible thing to witness.
People can live with that every day,
women can live with that every day,
and it must be such a terrible way to exist,
 like living within a storm.
When you have a momentary glimpse into another life as such,
it can be startling, so contrary to your own existence that it packs
a double punch.
That energy is like a cloud moving with them,
spreading out and over that little piece of the world. 
It is a most unpleasant thing to observe,
and it does make one wonder at what happens beyond what you don't actually see.
There is nothing more scary than a life tilted in such extreme.
It's terribly unsettling, and terribly concerning,
and you wish you could pluck them from that and pop them
into a better place.
People, unfortunately, don't always get there,
and then sometimes they do, with hope, with the right hands
to guide them.
I hope they get those hands.
I hope someone drops love into the bucket and remembers
how the ripples do spread.
But for those who like to open a different
kind of door to the "Scaries,"
the kind you can shut and pick up again,
check out a few of the new releases,
some scary as heck covers too!
Cuckoo SongCatacomb (Asylum)This Savage Song (Monsters of Verity)

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Pulitzer Hits!

So here it is,
this year's hit and winner.
We go back in time.
We always seem to want to go back in time.
It must be a human quality of ours
that has nothing to do with hindsight twenty-twenty
and more to do with analyzing and dissecting
to an inch of understanding.
You can't get the dead in a room to talk and find that understanding,
so you find it in other ways.
Captures the complexity of war and
what it means to be of two minds.
Ah yes,
two minds.
One heart.
Go with heart.
Win. Win.
Pulitzer Prize-Amazon Book Review

Monday, April 18, 2016

Shadow of the Wind.

Cut through the shadows.
The Shadow of the Wind (The Cemetery of Forgotten Books,  #1)
A boy who can not remember his mother's face.
A father who initiates him into the secret 
Cemetery of Books.
One book he holds in his hand,
could be the last from that author.
Someone has been working behind destroying
every copy of every book written by this one author.
On the hunt for answers,
the door is opened to one of Barcelona's biggest secrets,
an epic story of murder, magic,
madness and doomed love.
Realizing if he doesn't find out the truth,
he and those close to him will suffer horribly.
Heart piercing and a moving homage
to the mystical power of books.
Pull from them,
and bring out too.

Friday, April 15, 2016

When scary is too scary.

an enemy too close tale that sounds a little too scary.
Y'know I tried to figure out scary for a while,
but scary is scary and always stays scary and
sometimes it's just too scary.
After the Woods
What would you risk to save your best friend?
Your life?
When a predator attacked Liv, Julia fought back.
Liv ran.
With Julia left behind
she now only remembers flashbacks, until something happens
 in the woods,
and those flashbacks become real once again.
We had a ravine around our place.
Every day we passed it going to and from school,
after school dances, that sort of thing.
It had stories, that ravine.
Lots of scary, spooky stories. No one ever felt good about going
down there, and everyone that needed to pass did so with fast steps.
Like I said,
sometimes scary is just too scary,
and it's perfectly fine to leave it at that.
I'm afraid right now I just can't do scary.
I want and need all that sings a different tune.
I suppose if you could find a big giant cushion, I want that,
or big strong arms that work just the same.
Scary for me right now?
I just can't do it. Not yet.
I will get to this one, most definitely, but 
my nightlight needs to work just right,
with just the right amount of light.
A beacon to and from the world.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Back Story. More Story.

Back Story. Life Story.
It's all the same.
Borrowed from Scott Eagan.
Pop over if you want to read about writing
Back Story.
In writing, back story has its place,
but it must be tempered, slotted in at just the right place.
You know when you've hit that right rhythm.
It becomes a stumble free read.
In life, maybe not so much,
When referring to life,
the above can sound a little heartless, ruthless,
and I don't mean to infer that in any way.
It does, however, remind us that we can not make what once
was, in event, people, place, love, or any one thing
take over that wide screen window
called looking ahead, looking forward.
It's a fair enough statement, even though when
I re-read it sounds a little like, "Whatever."
It's not ever a whatever.
Nothing and no one is ever a whatever.
You just need to pack it into the boot,
see through that window
at the way it opens up the sky. 

Life Intrigue.

Life is intriguing.
People, intriguing.
The puzzle pieces, intriguing.
The fit, intriguing.
Oh, the intrigue.
A simmer of possibility.
Simmered in interest.
This life.
The Intrigue.
The Interestings
Sometimes though,
And then you just want it
to back the heck away.
Ta, ta. Good day.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Repeat after me.

Repeat after me ...
"You must stop eating cake. You must stop this very minute!"
cheezburger  food cartoon cake

The Real Witch Hunters of Today. Papua New Guinea.

This, the consequence of exercising divisive power.
Put to the stake,
burned with gasoline seeped over flesh.
The deeply tribal rituals that still exist.
Let me just say,
"Scary as all shit."
The Return of the Witch (The Witch's Daughter, #2)Witch Hunt
Witch hunts are still prevalent to this day, strongly so in Papua New Guinea,
an unfathomable thought, but true.
Mobs are publicly humiliating, brutally torturing
neighbors, family members, friends,
most often women,
but not solely.
200 killings a year.
Bodies being pulled out of rivers without heads.
A woman whose child dies --
dies, dies, dies --
and is blamed for the death as procuring some kind of witchery?
Any death not attached to old age
has bad joo-joo behind it and must be thusly dealt with.
The crowd snaps photos and proudly shares them.
When they drive their trucks over the 
already dead body,
they enjoy those pictures too.
This, the Witch Hunt of our modern day.
In contrast,
to what exists in the rest of the civilized world
any unkindness one has to endure,
is highly laughable,
and highly dismissible.
We have Witches here too,
but these are the witches that burn
through such idiosyncratic atrocities
and spit out "reality check" in place.
It seems difficult to comprehend that situations as the above still exist,
and yet is it really all that hard?
We have an imprint on us, 
from what has come before us,
and through each generation fades and becomes less.
We do not know
how to do as was once done.
We do not speak
the same language as was once said,
but in secular closed societies,
and in these tribal societies,
the "control" is placed and set.
Live by what was,
change not to what is.
This is, and would be, a lengthy diatribe of back and forth
to determine what we lose, we gain,
what we gain, we lose.
Yes, there you go
it's in the scales.
It's knowing that balance.
It's using our intellect, our understanding, our developing
and continuing experience to see that our changes are indeed changes
that will keep one step ahead of the
The Triumph of the Moon: A History of Modern Pagan WitchcraftSalem Possessed: The Social Origins of WitchcraftThe Salem Witch Trials Reader

C'mon Let's Go. The New April Releases.

The release.
That wonderful let go,
that also means let in.
So, the new YA April releases.
Some pretty good stuff here.
Dig in, two hands full.
Dream On (The Silver Trilogy, #2)The Fall of ButterfliesThe Countdown (The Taking, #3)
The Midnight Sea (The Fourth Element, #1)Don't Get CaughtGirl in the Blue Coat
The HatersWhen We Collidedyabooks-april-2015 rose-and-the-dagger-ahdieh
yabooks-april-2015 a-fierce-and-subtle-mabryyabooks-april-2015 consider-kristy-acevedoyabooks-april-2015 star-touched-queen-chokshi

The Passion of Dolssa & Twenty Questions.

"I must write this account, and 
when I have finished,
I will burn it."
The upper-crust city girl with a secret lover and an uncanny gift,
 on the run from the friar who
wants her dead.
It is through Botille that she is saved
and hidden away from her pursuers, but
Botille's good intentions could destroy the entire village.
She can't be protected forever,
especially when the full wrath of the Church bears down.
This is a story that intends you to 
wonder if miracles really are possible.
Twenty Questions for Gloria
Looking for excitement,
Gloria falls for the bad boy, who brings mystery and rule breaking
to town. He's what she wants to be,
but he is way not all he seems.
By the time she discovers the truth about him,
she's a long way from home.
Slated for spring
 already with rights sold in three markets.
Good luck to Gloria.


Ah, the cronies.
A word not often used,
but often seen.
The cronies.
A lot, a bunch,
that hail to the unseen.
Cronies: Oil, The Bushes, and the Rise of Texas, America's SuperstateCrony Capitalism in America: 2008-2012
And so,
what else is new?
Men and money,
they're missing the beat.
This is a little more up the right alley.
A coming of age story about a trio of radically diverse boys,
yes, diversity is beautiful,
it lets you see more of what's possible in the world.
takes place during a hot Louisiana summer in 1949,
in the Deep South,
with a ghost of the mule jail,
a snake dance,
and the lessons in life about faith, trust,
loyalty and betrayal,
and one summer that cements a friendship.
Everlasting Cronies

Saturday, April 9, 2016

A punishable thing.

A heart,
not a punishable thing.
When you look to understand,
when you want to know the story,
which is to say, 
you want to know the person,
then you
must be able to listen in completeness.
This is a skill
 not just for ears.
You must give that time,
you must open up to the words being said,
take them in to your mind,
take them to your heart, if the conversation bends that way,
but you must truly listen. 
Easy enough, you say?
For some.

It was through a lengthy conversation with a complete stranger today,
odd in itself,
that I was able to touch on a few points
with enough distant objectivity we don't always possess.
Sometimes, when you recount something without
going into details, the key points jump out in relief --
relief; also referred to as relievo,
a projection of figures or forms from a flat background,
something that alleviates pain,
an aid in time of danger,
rescue from a siege,
release of duty.
Now that I've covered the main definitions,
my relief is this.
In talking, I was reminded, or a
very key point reiterated ...
"You can't judge what you do not know."
And to know, to really know, is to really understand,
and that means a certain preparedness
in approach,
a listen right through to the end.
The listening game is
a game for the in-depth and involved. 
So when you look to others to hear,
Hear for yourself.
Hear their hearts
and stories too.
Give to them as you would hope they would give to you.
Listen to hear.
Hear to know. 
bose  music future headphones listening

Thursday, April 7, 2016

The Intolerable Acts. Mothers Against Bullies.

Testing the waters?
Passing the test?
The fail.
We know there are times
when we must test against something
to find what we need to find.
It's a measure of a toe poke,
a slight jab that ends up revealing more than it should,
but it most certainly reveals.
The Tragedy PaperGuardian
How many tests do we have in our lifetime?
Probably more than a few,
but let's talk about our children.
Let's talk about the oh so many books and stories,
both real and out in the world that exist
around the subject of bullying and control.
The thought that this is something
done ... because why?
It is weakness personified, for only the weak feel the need,
and it is the weak we definitely do not need.
Men. Women. Children.
Those who watch. Those who do.
Bullying and control are both signs of weakness.
I love strength in people.
I love strength in men, but it must
be the "right" kind of strength.
The bullies of the world that feel this need,
are specks of sand between our toes, minute and irritating,
and a grave disappointment to the entire world.
To hurt children.
To harm in anyway a child is an intolerable act,
one any mother would certainly fight against, and fight back.
Lose a child, 
and you will know what it
is to fight.
Silent AlarmMisdirectedWatched
We all of us may harm in our lifetimes without intention,
without realization.
Sometimes, we can be caught up in our own worlds,
our own needs,
but to set out with intention to harm
is an abomination against society,
humanity, and against every mother who watches from heavens above
and down here on earth.
I would like to line up mothers against bullies,
and I would venture to say without doubt
it would be the mothers that would remain standing.
This I guarantee.
The harm
of a child will never be tolerated.
The intended harm
of anyone should never be tolerated.
Come face me.
Face us.
The mothers who will fight against all
 bullies of the world 
and we'll use your shame
to weave our worlds.
Beauty of the BrokenLittle ManTo This Day: For the Bullied and Beautiful
Falling into PlaceBullying: The Ultimate Teen GuideFighterPack of DorksDouble ExposureThe Distance Between Lost and Found