Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Words in a Grave.

The memory keepers.
When you think of all
the conversations you should have had,
the questions you should have asked,
the answers you wish you received ...
you must ask.
Ask now, before the answers are buried in graves.
Image result for the memory keeper s daughter
My grandmother spent summers telling stories
to us kids.
We climbed into bed with her,
the white sheers blowing in and out against the window,
the river boats splashing waves,
and her voice,
her stories --
"old country" stories.
It was beautiful, and I listened, but I barely remember.
As we get older we stop asking questions,
we become consumed by our own worlds.
And then we grow a little more,
and we find that we want those questions,
we want those answers,
we want to know.
I had the chance to ask,
I took that chance,
and found answers that warmed my heart,
but made me sad too.
For it was a "what if" question, a
"what would you have done" one,
and it was a delight to hear this old voice tell me her
secrets, her wishes, her dreams,
her stories.
A delight.
Year of Wonders: A Novel of the PlagueSecret Life Of Bees, TheA Separate Peace
She had her own questions too.
She wanted to know.
She wanted a picture of the face.
It surprised me, but
she wanted to see that of a world turned around.
I could not say, everything.
You see, it's all in our hearts, these stories,
these experiences
that turn our worlds up down right side round,
stories of summer breezes and just was.
The old. The new.
The faces.
Our stories,
our lives, our worlds, 
Ask your questions.
Find your answers.
So they might live.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Oh, hell, yes I do! LOVE YA.

YA loves love. 
We all do.
The Bird and the SwordSuffer LoveWanderlost
You know when you get all
giddy crazy,
and you start dressing to impress,
and you start cutting your toe nails instead
of going for Howard Hughes.
C'mon, it's a buzz, right?
A drug, right?
It makes you a little loopy,
or a lot loopy,
and the world is spinning and you're spinning,
 dizzy as all hell.
It's a good thing to feel in life.
Do I believe it has longevity?
Sure. Of course. You bet.
If it's the right right, made on the right foundations,
and does all of the above.
Sure. Of course. You bet.
I am a staunch believer.
here's the question to ask.
Love is love and there is no explaining it.
This I know for fact.
It is not always convenient,
and it does not always fall between lines,
but if it is what it is
then why can't it just be,
kept in a little box somewhere on the top shelf.
A sweet shrug and a knowing smile,
that can mean nothing or is nothing,
or something.
Everyone is different,
but I think it's all right to let it be and exist.
I think that's right.
I'm pretty sure I'm right there.
Earth's End (Air Awakens, #3)A Shade of Blood (A Shade of Vampire, #2)Eleanor & Park
In a world where we look
at faces of hate,
people of hate,
sorrow, and shameful acts of horror,
shouldn't we not at least
acknowledge love as a good, bright light,
that should just be allowed to shine in its own little corner,
allowed to be and have.
Dull or bright,
 let's have that in the world.
YA love it.
AdorkableThe Unexpected Everything

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Sink Your Teeth In. The Cliche Death.

Do we
always manage
to say the right thing at the right time?
Most certainly not.
How many instances can we all count 
our "afterward" words?
You know, those ones that are always sooo perfect.
perfect courage courage the cowardly dog youre not perfect
Perfection in words is a difficult attain.
In life, in writing, 
our cliched analogy's can cause a person to twitch,
scratch and itch,
screeching nails on the chalkboard in our heads.
Still smile.
Oh hell, yes do.
Let's take a look at some of the most over-used.
1. Avoid it like the plague.
2. Dead as a doornail.
3. Take the tiger by the tail.
And this, the very one that whited out my head ...
4. There are plenty of fish in the sea.
hoppip black and white animals kissing fish
Am I missing something? 
We all have intelligence,
and in some areas they soar while in others
they falter,
and our words in emotional intelligence can come to us in mediocrity if we are not careful.
Reach for something "more"
in what you say and write,
most importantly
in what you "feel."
This is what separates people,
and the planes we both live and operate from,
and you will know, and see, and feel it
in words.
Find yours.
I, for one, am very allergic to fish.
I prefer
something more substantial.
fish lips
5. Think outside the box. 
Avoid being
6. Thick as thieves.
7. Walls do talk.
8. Like kids in a candy shop.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

The true in you. The true of me.

The "Best so Far" list was released
into my inbox today.
With my head in the sand, 
I hadn't even heard of a few.
Nonetheless, there were still so very many that caught my eye.
The Forgetting Time
I have been thinking a lot,
about the things we do not understand in life, in love,
in all that we do--
 in all that is unexplainable.
I could tell you some things
about recent times that you would find difficult to believe,
I find it difficult to believe,
and yet they are absolutely true.
The nudge of someone, the nudge of you.
The paths that cross, how they cross,
the unexplainable.
It could raise a few hairs on the back of your neck.
And so, you ask questions, like
what is it that we don't know, and yet are so willing to push aside?
Spiritual realities.
Is there something beyond what any one of us can see or comprehend?
A fascinating look at one reality.
Forgetting Time.
And so, we move to THE NEST.
The Nest
Why have I not read this yet?
Why indeed?
Touted as a must, I must.
A story of shared inheritance and the family that must share.
The cast of characters
like any family are broad and wide, but the
questions are asked, what does money do to our relationships,
what happens to our ambitions over time,
and to the ties of those we love?
The power of family.
The possibilities of friendship.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

If you could ...

If you could make better ...
what would you do?
A giant eraser to erase away.
If you could ...
what would you do?
The weight
of hope.
What would you do?
All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven
A heart-wrenching love story of learning to live
through someone who intends to die.
What would you do?

If Anyone asks. Heart to heart.

 I will always speak truth,
 from my heart.
You may have it, hold it,
the answers will always be there.
Take it, or not,
hear it, or not,
see it, or not.
You may have to ask more to understand more.
Hearts are hearts.
They speak their own language.
They beat their own drums,
and that is the very simple of simplest things
and the most misunderstood.
Live with it,
learn with it,
mess up with it,
heal it, 
and in its time,
die with it too.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Here. Taken.

There are words,
blacker than ink,
deeper than what flows through your veins.
Take it.
Read it.
It flows to what you know,
what you don't.
It's always been there,
 blacker than ink.
Words in a hand,
hearts in words.
You Take It From HereTaken (Taken, #1)
There are no men.
Only boys.
They are TAKEN on their eighteenth birthday,
vanished at midnight.
Preparing to meet destiny,
you can relax into it, accept it, or feel the sudden shift.
What you thought wasn't. What is isn't.
What lies outside the wall?
Suicide climb
to the other side.
Risk to gain.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Choice. Voice. MeBeforeYou.

She made a difference.
Because she loved him.
Simple as that with nothing more
to explain.
She just loved him.
You don't even have to believe in that kind of love,
or any kind of love to have this tug at your heart.
It will.
Go see it, box of tissues in hand.
 I guarantee, you will not escape without tears.
Now, to the flip side ...
**Spoiler Alert**
Don't read past this if you don't want to know the ending.
It isn't a happy one.
Love didn't win.
No one seemed to win, and we all so want those wins.
Sadly, not in this.
The main character in this film chooses not to live
as he is.
His choice.
I know this movie has been strongly protested for that message,
and I respect that it is not the sort of message
we want to send out to represent the handicapped population,
however ...
This is a story of one person,
who made one choice.
His choice.
I am a very strong advocate for voice and choice.
I believe people should have that right,
understanding of course that it will not be "right" for everyone.
We are all relatively intelligent creatures.
We understand that this is one viewpoint and 
I believe the film did a pretty good job
at portraying the emotional impact of this one choice,
and the effect on those around it.
The man was in pain, physical and emotional pain,
and that was clearly demonstrated.
To continue, or not.
To find something in a day, or not.
I am not saying, 
let us all go out and give up when we all
know that there are boundless things to appreciate in life,
but I am saying,
choice should be allowed and provided for. 
To choose to end one's life
is going to be an explosion of opinion and controversy,
but every situation is different.
Every threshold different.
Every life.
We are all as different as different can be.
Our decisions, our thoughts,
our choices.
Our hearts. Our ways.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Once. Cemetery Boys.

If you find me ….
Walking those places I used to walk,
In the places I once was,
If you find me ….
can you ask me where I am?
Can you ask where to find
who I once was?
The power of belief.
The dangerous cost of blind loyalty.
A small backward town,
and the harmless nights that take a dark turn
to a sinister end.
Stay out of the cemetery...

The write struggle.

And so too,
the silence of no more,
to something more. 

Book Love. Emancipated.

Emancipated from yourself?
Emancipation; the fact or process of being "set free,"
liberated from restrictions.
Yes, you can be emancipated from yourself,
 from whatever you held or holds you back,
even if it's your own stupid self ... even if it's something else.
Emancipate from the emancipated!

Six teens, all legally emancipated 
move into their dream house on Venice Beach only to discover
their perfect setup may be too good to be true.
The roommates--a diva, a former child star, a hustler, a musician, and a hacker--
all harbor dark secrets but manage to
form a kind of dysfunctional family ...
until one of them is caught in a lie and everyone's freedom is put on the line.
How far are they each willing to go
to hide the past?
Who will they betray to protect their future?
There's always one that goes too far
The test of value
against the hurt of everyone else.
Emancipated ~ Emancipation
The tenuous thread
held between fingers in your head.