Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Critics Aside. This is it. The Nationals.

In one month exactly,
we find out the winner.
How many of these have you hit?
Two sit on my shelf on the ready,
two more on order,
one I'm left to think about.
I do like the sound of Moonglow, the stories that get lost and forgotten,
the ones yet to be told.
This is an ears open tale, listening to the old when they are by our side,
hearing their life stories before they are gone --
finding the treasures that we in our youth don't seem willing to hear.
I want your stories.
I want them all.
I want to curl up and listen until my last breath.
The Critics National Award.
March 16, 2017.
LaRoseImagine Me GoneCommonwealthSwing Time

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