Thursday, January 19, 2017

We Call. Lion.

This is real.
Forget everything else.
This one has it all.
Depth. Power. Story.
The fertile ground was there in the story itself,
and no question it was meant to be written and brought to the screen,
but it was the way it was handled that spoke of absolute intelligence.
The editing, superb.
The sound track, clever.
The opening scenes intended to get your heart pounding, to get you "there,"
live it with them, feel it.
From there it went straight into
"heart-squeeze" right to the finish.
This is what I mean by "real."
It was "complete" in a way that engages us to feel.
Patel, Denham, Kidman, Mara, engrossing.
Supporting cast, perfect, and
little Sunny Pawar who stepped into Saroo's shoes and filled every inch of them
with an honesty that lit up the screen.
Beautiful to see.

It seems unfathomable to think of a child going missing,
to have him "lost" for twenty-five years and then have the gift of him returned to you
and the knowledge that he was well, cared for,
A gift indeed.
But, as the Lion campaign states, 80,000 children go missing in India EVERY YEAR.
Not everyone can be saved,
and yet we need to believe that some can, some will.
Lion hands back that belief,
and hands back the reality of "more" in our world.
We do "call" each other,
and in this haunting tale, we feel that call,
the call of a Lion.
 A truly beautiful "real" story,
done with care, honesty,
and gives us enough room
to feel.

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