Thursday, February 2, 2017

Everyone Brave Is Forgiven?

The weakness of men.
We wonder what we will forgive and what we won't.
To be brave,
 is to admit mistakes, to show humility, to continue where others have failed.
To be brave is to stand before those in weakness and stay true.
To be brave is to be you.
And to forgive? What of that?
What are we willing to allow is what we are willing to forgive.
It is not easy to turn the other cheek.
We are complex and complicated human beings that try, but do not always succeed.
The fact that we recognize that trying is sometimes enough, for it is an acknowledgement, an understanding of that need.
Ah, to always assume such grace.
I forgive, and I don't, an honest human quality.
I turn cheek, and I do not.
There is a tolerance and acceptance that men should be strong in themselves,
of themselves, in only themselves for these are the men of all men.
Perhaps it is so that,
Everyone Brave Is Forgiven.
A story that explores the disenfranchised, the elite, the embattled.
A story of love, loss and courage.
There you see,
the courage in us is not always to turn cheek, but to turn towards the capacity of
the brave.
Everyone Brave is Forgiven

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