Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The Dry Patch.

The titles roll,
stacks fall,
pages flip and bend.
I'm hitting on a dry patch over here.
It's not that I'm not enjoying the writing, it's the topics. 
They are all important, I don't discount that,
it's just not where I want to go with my reading and I've put down more than I'm continuing with.
I find that very disappointing. 
I was going to post titles,
but I don't want want my reflections to chase someone away from what still is
solid good writing and solid good stories --
they just aren't hitting my mark.
I said it before, time is valuable, so the next read is Atkinson's,
Life After Life and I admit there is some trepidation to what is another concept I'm not sold on.
Sure, I might be hoping -- cause Lord knows I always hope -- it's going to melt the icicles slowly forming around my brain,
but I'm not convinced.
All I can say is, 
I need a bit of a hot poker to get things going again, and I'm sure hoping this is it.
Interesting concept, no doubt  ----
If you had the chance to live your life again and again, until you finally got it right, until you fixed the unfixable, where would that take you?
Living the best moments, making some different choices, sure, but reliving good and bad both?
Who the heck wants to do that?
Live something else instead.
So, I'm not sure, but I'm giving it a try.
Life After Live.
The picture firmly in mind.
 Life After Life

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